Automotive Camera Systems
Who are we?

Starting in the UK in 2002, we are a company specialising in the design and manufacture of electronic products that use image sensor and display technology. Operating from privately held companies with offices now on three continents, as a company we are working 24 hours per day almost 7 days per week.

Whether you are looking for a neat looking reversing camera for your vehicle that is discreet and built to last or a DVR (digital video recorder, also known as a black box, dash cam or event camera), AmeriCam is here to help.

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Key Camera Facts
  • All the kits are universal i.e. they will work with any vehicle
  • IP68 rated, meaning that they are 100% dust and waterproof
  • Single cable installation, the screen and camera is powered by the reverse light or ignition on (you decide)
  • The systems are simple to install, but we can arrange a professional install at your own home for £99 (for details call 01664 480549)

If you're unsure or require further assistance call 01664 480549 and get through to a real person, or use the contact page to get in touch.

Here are our most popular kits-
Black Reverse Camera Silver Reverse Camera Forward Facing Insurance Camera